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    A major piece of […] The European Union has been digging into the competition implications of AI-powered voice assistants and other Internet of Things IoT connected technologies for almost a year. The Commission took a concrete step last July when it announced a sectoral inquiry to examine IoT competition concerns in detail. Among the main areas of potential competition concern it found are: Exclusivity and tying practices in relation to voice assistants and practices that limit the possibility to use different voice assistants on the same smart device; the intermediating role of voice assistants and mobile OSes between users and the wider device and services market — with the concern being this allows the owners of the platform voice AI to control user relationships, potentially impacting the discoverability and visibility of alchemy ethereum pantera stanford coinbaseconstinetechcrunch IoT services.

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    Another concern is around unequal access dapps ant ethereum data. Survey participants suggested that platform and voice assistant operators gain extensive access to user data — including capturing information on user interactions with third-party smart devices and consumer IoT services as a result of the intermediating voice AI. Lack of interoperability in the consumer IoT sector is another concern flagged in the report.

    In its press releasethe Commission notes that usage of voice assistant tech is growing worldwide and expected to double between and from 4.

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    EU lawmakers have certainly learned lessons from the recent failure of competition policy to keep up with digital developments and rein in a first wave of tech giants. So the risks for competition are crystal clear — and the Commission will be keen to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

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    Still, quite how policymakers could look to tackle competitive lock-in around voice AIs — whose USP tends to be their lazy-web, push-button and branded convenience for users — remains to be seen.

    We were worried that they could use their power to harm competition, to the detriment of developing businesses and consumers.

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    From the first results published today, it appears that many in the sector share our concerns. And fair competition is needed to make the most of the great potential of the Internet of Things for consumers in their daily lives.

    This analysis will feed into our future enforcement and regulatory action, so we look forward to receiving further feedback from all interested stakeholders in the coming months.